JVC Everio Camcorder Gets a Hard Drive Boost

JVC Everio Camcorder Gets a Hard Drive Boost


I remember when MP3 players first hit the market and you were lucky to find anything that had more than 128MB of storage. Now that we’re not totally satisfied with music and we want a big taste of video too, our storage needs have increased substantially. JVC is addressing our need for more capacity by expanding the hard drive found on their Everio GZ-MG740 digital camcorder.

The existing model — the JVC GZ-MG730 — comes load with a 30GB hard drive, but the appropriately named GZ-MG740 (notice the switch from 730 to 740?) gets a bit of a boost up to 40 gigs of space. You’ll also notice that they’ve swapped out the JVC branding in favor of Victor, but we all know that they are one and the same… at least in Japan.

The rest of the features remain identical to the outgoing model, so the JVC camcorder can still take photos at 7.38 megapixels and video at 720 x 480 pixels, storing it all on a tiny 1.3-inch hard disk. Pricing for the JVC Victor Everio GZ-MG740 has been set at 100,000 JPY ($942).