Domino Splits In Half To Reveal Twin Flash Drives

Domino Splits In Half To Reveal Twin Flash Drives


Some people are tired of using the same old USB flash drives, because they all look pretty much the same. There’s a reason why people refer to them as thumb drives, because they inevitably take on a stick-like form factor. Designer Marcos Breder must be a bit of a gambler, because his idea for a new flash drive is to make it shaped like a domino tile.

To make matters even more interesting, each individual tile can be split in half to reveal two USB flash disks, each with its own USB connector. The white dots on the domino can also dynamically change on the fly to represent how much space is being used. If you’ve got a tile reading out with nine white dots, it means that the drive is at its full capacity. I’m sure you can figure out what nine black dots means and everything in between.

Naturally, this is only a concept, but it does prove to be quite an interesting one. Seems pretty convenient too.