Bling Out Your iPhone With a $20,000 Case

Bling Out Your iPhone With a $20,000 Case


I don’t know about you, but I feel that there is something wrong when you’re willing to pay the price of a new car just to wrap up a cell phone that’s worth a few hundred dollars. Maybe you’re the bling-bling type, but you don’t want to have any sort of permanent modification done to your Jesus Phone. Whatever the case, the option is there.

Case-Mate has created something that they call the Diamond Case, which is basically a very expensive sleeve for the Apple iPhone. There’s a whole lot of bling going on with this protective covering, because you’ll be rocking 42 diamonds around the back, as well as rich 18-carat gold dressing up the entire case itself. Those diamonds might scratch up your palm, but that’s the price you pay for bling.

Oh, the other price you pay for bling is $20,000, which happens to be the asking price for the Case-Mate Diamond Case. If you want to cheap out, they also have a limited edition carbon fiber case for $90.