Apple iPhone Going Corporate On Monday, Suits Celebrate

Apple iPhone Going Corporate On Monday, Suits Celebrate


Even though NASA wants no part of the Apple iPhone, the folks at AT&T are finally ready to market the touch-tastic device to their corporate and business customers, giving them all the same benefits as they’ve come to expect from the rest of their business-minded cell phones. Does this mean that a bunch of suits are about to dump their BlackBerry devices? Maybe.

Coming around on January 21st — that’s this coming Monday — AT&T will be announcing iPhone compatibility with corporate and business accounts. The device itself will be the same as the hip consumer-level iPhone, but the pricing setup for the plan will be a little different. For example, corporate dudes will be eligible for a discount of up to $25 a month.

Previously, corporate customers signing up with an iPhone could not achieve the same level of discount as they had with their other AT&T phones. The corporate overlords are smiling on you now.