Nokia N95 Can Post to Your WordPress Blog Directly

Nokia N95 Can Post to Your WordPress Blog Directly


WordPress is easily one of the most popular blog platforms available on the planet today. My own blog — Beyond the Rhetoric — and my fighting games blog are both powered by WordPress. The trouble is that I usually have to find my way back to my laptop in order to post up new content to either of those blogs. If I owned a Nokia N95, the process could be a heck of lot easier.

Telewaving has developed an application called Wavelog that effectively lets you post directly to your WordPress blog from a Nokia N95 smartphone. Called Wavelog, this application doesn’t restrict to you to text-only entries either, allowing you to upload everything from audio to pictures and even video, assuming that you have some sort of network connection.

A trial version of Wavelog can be downloaded from Telewaving, but this version only allows for text. If you want full functionality, you’ll need the $10 license.