Helio Mysto Slider Finally Launches For Realz

Helio Mysto Slider Finally Launches For Realz


The Samsung-built slider phone had a soft launch last month, but that version featured Korean menus and navigation. An English version was then dropped into select stores in New York City and Santa Monica, but this was still little more than a sneak preview into what this phone would do. After almost a month of waiting, the Helio Mysto is now available as a nationwide release, granting access to everyone from Seattle to Jacksonville.

You can waltz into your local Helio kiosk to nab the CDMA-ified Samsung U600 today. Alternatively, the slider phone is also available through the Helio website, but you don’t get the instant gratification of using the handset the same day.

As a small thank you for waiting so long for this phone to finally arrive at Helio stores, the MVNO has integrated a web browser into the Mysto that is “location aware”. Certain web-based applications will be able to pull specific data based on your current location. Nifty.