Extend Your iPhone Battery Life In One Simple Step

Extend Your iPhone Battery Life In One Simple Step


The Apple iPhone has quickly become one of the most popular handsets this world has seen since the RAZR, but when you’re using it for web applications, picture viewing, music listening, video watching, and so much more, your battery life starts to suffer. What can you do to extend the battery life on your iPhone without having to sacrifice any functionality? FastMac has a solution that quadruples your life.

No, it’s not software optimization or anything like that. Instead, the FastMac iV iPhone case and battery is a peripheral that latches onto your Jesus phone, simultaneously protecting the back of your handheld while adding four times as much battery time. Yes, it adds a little bit of bulk, but based on the pictures, it doesn’t seem too bad.

In addition to extra life and protection, the FastMac iV iPhone also features a rubberized plastic backing, LED flashlight, and a handy belt clip. The whole shi-bang goes for $79.