Official: Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 On The Way

Official: Apple iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 On The Way


After the leak a little while back, people have been anxious to see when the official version of iPhone firmware 1.1.3 would be released by Apple. Well, that day has come, thanks to a keynote speech from Steve Jobs himself.

The official firmware update is right in line with everything that the leak led us to believe, including the ability to send text messages to multiple recipients at the same time. They’ve also made SMS more email-like. When you load up the iPhone map application, you can now pinpoint your own location as well as “drop pins on any other location.”

Other upgrades include the ability to view selected chapters of video clips and deploy subtitles for music. The wobbly icons are in place as well; just hold the icon for a couple of seconds and then you can move it around.