MacBook Air Too Much Like iPod, Not Upgradeable

MacBook Air Too Much Like iPod, Not Upgradeable


Easily the biggest announcement at MacWorld 2008 is the ridiculously skinny MacBook Air. With a remarkably thin profile and svelte good looks, the MacBook Air draws certain comparisons to the Apple iPod, but that’s not where the similarities end. They end in a not so favorable way.

When you flip the MacBook Air over to take a gander at the back, you’ll discover that the little notebooks is completely wrapped up and enclosed. That’s right, the MacBook Pro is sealed up in much the same way as the iPhone and the iPod, meaning that it is not user upgradeable at all. If you’re looking to add more RAM, grow the hard drive, or even swap the battery, you’re totally out of luck.

As a result, we fully anticipate that Apple (and third party manufacturers) will be creating a series of products that address these issues in a peripheral kind of way. I guess the expensive SSD upgrade isn’t the only of your worries.