MacBook Air Officially Unveiled at MacWorld 2008

MacBook Air Officially Unveiled at MacWorld 2008


And here is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for. Steve Jobs took the stage with an air of confidence, revealing the all-new MacBook Air to the masses. Folks, this has got to be the thinnest and lightest MacBook to date; it’s so light, it’s damn near ethereal. I guess that’s where they grabbed the Air moniker from.

Tipping the scales at a barely-there 3.0 pounds, the MacBook Air still comes with a healthy compliment of features and specifications. Powering the glossy beast is a 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, backed up by 2GB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, 802.11n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, Micro-DVI, and an iSight camera. Like the standard MacBook, the MacBook Air also has a 13.3-inch display.

Despite being thin in the waist, the MacBook Air is supposed to give up to five hours of use with WiFi on, making it easier than ever to be a mobile blogger. Prices start at $1799.