Nokia N95 Smartphone Pops Up At Rogers Wireless

Nokia N95 Smartphone Pops Up At Rogers Wireless


Kudos to Rogers Wireless. The Canadian service provider has really started to step it up with the handsets that they offer and the latest leak could be one of the best. Poking around on the Rogers Wireless website, you may discover an entry in the drop-down menu that’s quite surprising. It’s the Nokia N95.

If you didn’t know already, the Nokia N95 is probably Nokia’s flagship cell phone with its five megapixel camera, dual-slider design, and multimedia functionality busting at the seams. By and large, the only way to get this phone would be through the official Nokia store or through gray market importers, both of which prove to be quite expensive endeavors. If Rogers does indeed start to offer the smartphone, the subsidy-with-contract could make the N95 a heck of a lot more affordable.

We can say for sure, but the Boy Genius has his fingers crossed for a sub-$500 Nokia N95. Who knows? It might even be the 8-gigger.