Latest Rumor: MacBook Air Shaped Like a Tear

Latest Rumor: MacBook Air Shaped Like a Tear


The Steve Jobs keynote address is scheduled for early tomorrow morning, so we’ll find out pretty soon whether this leaked rendering is for real or not. In the meantime, you can gawk at the image and consider the possibilities with the rumored MacBook Air.

This is supposed to be one of the thinnest notebooks from Apple to date and it shows. In an effort to reduce the girth, the MacBook Air — as it has come to be known — appears to lack any Ethernet connectivity whatsoever, relying instead on WiFi for all of its Internet goodies. You’ll also notice that the overall form factor is almost tear-shaped, with a rounded hinge that tapers to the front of the laptop.

There are also rumors bouncing about saying that the display will be multi-touch, but I find that highly unlikely. The MacBook Air and the iTablet, if the latter even exists, are probably separate products. That said, it’s perfectly plausible that the trackpad is multi-touch.