Glofiish V900 Loves All Sorts of Mobile Entertainment

Glofiish V900 Loves All Sorts of Mobile Entertainment


Hot on the heels of CES 2008 is 3GSM in Barcelona and we’ve already got one of the biggest scoops of the upcoming show. E-TEN is getting a bit of a head start on 3GSM by announcing the upcoming Glofiish V900 mobile entertainer.

Although the Glofiish V900 looks like a pretty boring PDA, all you have to do is extend that antenna and you’re open to a world world of wireless entertainment. The acronyms that this thing is packing reads like a road warrior’s wet dream. For starters, you get goodies like T-DMB and DVB-H, but it also handles DAB digital radio, as well as DVB-T terrestrial TV. That’s no fewer than four wireless standards to keep you staring at that screen.

Outside of the radios, the Glofiish V900 rocks a Samsung 667MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. I’d imagine that the display is a touchscreen too, but we’ll have to hang tight until next month when E-TEN has the Glofiish V900 on display in Barcelona. Check them out in Hall 2, 2A126 at 3GSM.