Fisker Hybrid Sedan Is All About Karma

Fisker Hybrid Sedan Is All About Karma


Talk about having an appropriate model name. Fisker Coachbuild has created a hybrid sedan and they’ve decided to call it the Karma. The sporty number was officially unveiled on Monday, and I’ve got to tell you, this is one hot looking car.

Fisker co-developed this vehicle with Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies. The Fisker Karma was “designed from the ground up as a sexy performance sedan” with no inclinations to look like a regular car (Camry Hybrid) or a quirky treehugger (Prius). Bear in mind that Henrik Fisker, founder of the company, was the same guy behind the Aston Martin DB9 and the BMW X8. Sportiness is in his blood.

The Fisker Karma was built from a brand new architecture and it boasts Q-DRIVE powertrain technology, a 50 mile range on battery power alone, a four-cylinder gas engine, an optional sport mode (that runs electric and petrol at the same time), and a 0-60mph time of about 5.8 seconds. They expect to get 100 miles on the gallon, a top range of 620 miles, and a top speed of 125mph. The plan is to sell about 15,000 units at $80,000 to $100,000 each.