Asus Eee PC 4GB Gets A Little More Colorful

Asus Eee PC 4GB Gets A Little More Colorful


Not pleased with the choice between Pure White and Galaxy Black? Asus has opened up its palette for the 4GB Asus Eee PC, offering the mini-laptop in at least five different tones. The raw specs and features that you find within remain unchanged from the rest of the 4GB Eee PC, so don’t expect the pretty new colors to bring you anything extra in terms of functionality.

In addition to the already available Pure White and Galaxy Black, the Asus Eee PC 4GB is now being offered in Blush Pink, Lush Green, and Sky Blue as well. These are softer, pastel-like colors for an even more Apple-like feel. Maybe it’s just me, but the soft colors just make me lean that way. The new colors for the 4GB Eee PC are the same as those for the Surf lineup.

The colorful new miniature notebooks should be arriving at retail outlets any day now, assuming that they don’t get sold out the moment they hit shelves.