Alltel Wireless Now Offers My Circle 20

Alltel Wireless Now Offers My Circle 20


Are you kidding me? For most people, there are only a small handful of numbers that you call on a daily basis and that’s why the original My Circle plan was such a great idea. It spawned all sorts of copycats like myFaves, because carriers knew that this was what the public wanted. But what if you’ve got more than five friends? Fear not, because Alltel Wireless has just unleashed the option for My Circle 20.

This comes in addition to My Circle 10 and My Circle 5 — which go for $59.99 and $49.99 a month, respectively — granted the yakkiest of yakkers the opportunity to chat it up with up to 20 different phone numbers, regardless of carrier. Yes, this means that you have unlimited minutes with up to 20 different people. Mindy might not have made the cut into your circle of five, but she can squeeze into your circle of 20, right?

My Circle 20 isn’t all that cheap at $99.99 a month, but when you consider all the unlimited minutes you’ll be using, it might work out to be quite the bargain.