The BuckleCam spotted

The BuckleCam spotted


The good news is that no one will suspect that the belt buckle you are wearing is actually a video camera. The bad news is no one will understand why you are wearing such a freaking ugly belt buckle.

Ajoka is the company behind this marvel of spy technology – a full color, sound-enabled DVR embedded in a belt buckle. It records to a microSD card, and claims to be able to cram 33 hours of audio and video onto a 1GB card. It would take a while to fill a card, though – the rechargeable lithium battery is only good for two hours between charges. The whole thing measures 2.54″ x 1.47″ x 0.6″. You can have your own cheap James Bond knockoff for just $150. The whole spy and private detective worlds just changed with this release.

I’m sure, too, that some enterprising adult web site will find truly depraved ways to employ this new technology.