Handpresso – espresso maker in the palm of your hand

Handpresso – espresso maker in the palm of your hand


I don’t know about you, but I am a serious caffeine fiend. Coffee is the fuel that powers my fingers over the keyboard. Consistently finding good coffee is often a challenge, though

The search for good coffee may be about to come to an end thanks to the nifty new Handpresso. It’s a self contained and ultra portable espresso maker that looks more than a little bit like a pipe, which seems fitting because it can give a fix for some addicts as well as a pipe can for others. All you have to do is add a single serving pod of perfectly prepared espresso beans into the device, add some hot water, and you are in business. Seconds later you have a steaming cup of bitter brilliance.

This little beauty sounds like the answer to my prayers, but its coolness doesn’t come cheap – you’ll have to hand over $140 to get one of your own.