Seagate D.A.V.E. Seamlessly Adds Storage To Any WiFi Device

Seagate D.A.V.E. Seamlessly Adds Storage To Any WiFi Device


Although everyone seems to be interested in solid state drives, Seagate is holding steady with the hard drive strategy, although they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeve that will certainly grab your attention. Over at CES 2008, Seagate has their D.A.V.E. concept, a mobile platform that effectively works as a streaming WiFi hard drive for just about any other WiFi-enabled device.

The pocket-sized device — which can easily be rebranded by Seagate partners — measures a paltry 2.71 x 3.54 x .63 inches, but within that tiny space, you’ve got enough room for up to 60GB of storage and an integrated WiFi radio. Slip it into your pocket, purse, or backpack, and instantly expand the storage capacity of your iPhone, digital camera, or car audio system. It also works on a Bluetooth connection.

If your digital camera has WiFi, you can bypass the memory card altogether and have your pictures stored immediately in the D.A.V.E. device in your pocket. For iPhone owners, this means that you have instant streaming access to another 60GB of music and videos. Imagine using it with an HD camcorder! No word on pricing or availability.