Rovio – a robot that can find its own way

Rovio – a robot that can find its own way


Robots just keep getting smarter and smarter. I’ve seen a movie or two about how this can go awry. Evolution Robotics hasn’t taught robots to cry, but they have come close. With their new NorthStar 2.0 System robots can be truly aware of their surroundings, and can even perform tasks on their own. The system combines GPS, radar and auto-pilot to give the robots telepresence.

The first place the technology has shown up is in the Rovio from WowWee, which is being demonstrated at CES. You can simply tell the robot where you want it to go, and it will move their totally autonomously – no steering or course correction needed. You can set it on patrol mode, and it will patrol a set area and send video back to you of what is going on. How James Bond-like. It will even find its own way back to the charging station when it is running out of power.

The best part – you’ll be able to own your own Rovio later this year for just $299. Just think of all the ways you could violate the privacy of others with one of those.