Phiaton high quality stylish audio gear revealed at CES

Phiaton high quality stylish audio gear revealed at CES


You have probably never heard of Cresyn Company, but you have almost certainly heard them at some point. Cresyn is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics components and products.

At CES they have announced an aggressive foray into the retail market with Phiaton, their new line of high quality personal audio gear. The line includes the MS 600, an iPod docking station that has a futuristic look, and stands out from the crowd with red highlights on a black body, the PS200, sound isolating earphones with memory form silicon tips and the look of a tiny turbine engine coming out of your ears, and the PS500, which are earphones that stand out thanks to hand stitched leather on the ear cups.

Those Phiaton products and others are due to start shipping in March of this year. Costs are not yet available, though the best guess is that the line will settle into the higher end of the middle price range.