Microsoft Zune Gets All Dressy for CES 2008

Microsoft Zune Gets All Dressy for CES 2008


The Apple iPod is easily dominating the portable media player market, but there are several companies making valiant efforts to de-throne the Steve Jobs creation. Over at the Microsoft booth, they’re pimping out a set of Microsoft Zunes with very creative designs.

Dubbed the Zune Originals, these are funky designs that have been created by a bunch of professional designers. From Kenzo Minami to Tado, these semi-personalized versions of Microsoft’s portable music player certainly stand out from the crowd.

On a semi-related note, Microsoft also announced that they will finally be shipping the Microsoft Zune — in all Zune 2 flavors — to Canada later this year. The Zune Marketplace will be in English and French. Other than that, I think they’re the same as the US versions.