Hands-on with the Archos 705 PMP

Hands-on with the Archos 705 PMP


Visitors to CES are able to have a hands-on experience with the Archos 705 PMP, the latest offering from one of the lesser but dogged competitors in the PMP realm. In PMP terms, the Archos 705 is a monster. It has a 7 inch widescreen display, and that overwhelming size is carried on throughout the device – this thing is not tiny, light, or dainty.

The large screen has more than enough room to touch, so the only controls are on the screen. At least that means that the device isn’t any bigger than it has to be because of buttons, dials and the like. The device comes with capacities of up to 250GB, so space is not an issue.

Unfortunately, Archos still has not updated their awkward and annoying media transfer software, so filling that capacity is harder than it should be. The Archos 705 is due to hit the market later this month.