BT-03i Touch Panel Headset Is Not Absolute Genius

BT-03i Touch Panel Headset Is Not Absolute Genius


I might be alone on this front, but I’m not a big fan of the whole touch-sensitive control phenomenon. You’ll notice these slick non-buttons on everything from LG cell phones to Samsung printers these days, and the idea is that they can hide the controls behind a piano black finish. No ugly buttons and only glossy black goodness.

Touch panel controls are fine if you can actually see them, but in the case of the Genius BT-03i stereo Bluetooth headset, I’m assuming the speakers are on your ears. How, then, are you supposed to see what the hell you’re doing? I’d be a total pain to take your headphones off every time you want to adjust the volume or change the track. Contrast this to conventional buttons, where you can at least “feel” for the controls.

The BT-03i supports both AVRCP and A2DP, and it features a CSR BC05 chipset, CvC (Clear Voice Capture), 30mm drivers, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, and an operational time of up to eight hours. You get up to 220 hours in standby.