LG Cell Phone Watch Prototype Design

LG Cell Phone Watch Prototype Design


Sony Ericsson may be all proud of their Bluetooth watch, but LG is aiming to do them one better by shoving a fully functional mobile phone into your wristwatch. Naturally, details are pretty slim at this point, but I did manage to snag a few photos from the CES show floor.

Nearly the entire front face of the watch serves as the primary display, showing off the time in an analog kind of way when not in use. In terms of controls, there is a scroll wheel that you can use to navigate through the menu, and you press this wheel in as your “OK” button. Flanking the scroll wheel on either side are two more buttons. Of course, this thing has got to have Bluetooth and voice-dialing capabilities.

The LG mobile phone watch is totally in prototype stages at this point. In chatting with the LG representative at CES, he said that there is neither a planned release date nor a proposed price point. They’re just looking for feedback from the public at this point.