CTA Digitall unveils onslaught of Wii weapons

CTA Digitall unveils onslaught of Wii weapons


If you have ever played with a Wii you are probably a big fan, and if you are a Wii fan then you will certainly be interested by the wide range of Wii weapons and accessories available from CTA Digital.

There’s a sword and a battle axe that each come complete with button activated glow so that you can play in the dark. The battle axe comes with a shield that holds the nunchuk. There’s an authentic feeling hand gun complete with infrared laser for effective sighting. There’s a larger, multi-function gun that also sports the laser beam, or a laser-armed buzz gun or a shotgun if those are more your speed. There’s an airplane navigator that attaches to a desk with a suction cup and lets you feel just like a pilot.

With these spiffy accessories you will be killing anything that walks and finding a hundred new ways to save the world.