Corsair Survivor GT Gets Bumped to 32GB

Corsair Survivor GT Gets Bumped to 32GB


No longer do you need to choose between owning a flash drive that’ll endure the worst of conditions and choosing a drive that can actually store your massive amounts of digital media. Corsair, one of the industry’s leading providers of memory and other computer products, has announced that the Survivor GT rugged flash drive is now available with 32GB of space.

The form factor remains identical to the Survivor drives that you would have seen in the past, meaning that you get that crazy aluminum anti-shock case with a rubber grip, protecting our gigabytes of pictures, video, and whatever else you choose to store on this thing. As you recall, this is the drive that can withstand extreme temperatures, severe drops, and even getting run over by a car.

If you want 32 gigs in your pocket and you want it to be built ultra-tough, then take a look at the 32GB rendition of the Corsair Survivor GT. The MSRP has been set at $250.