Sony seeks to take on Bluetooth 3.0 with TransferJet

Sony seeks to take on Bluetooth 3.0 with TransferJet


I don’t know what data transfer cables ever did to Sony, but the company seems determined to eliminate them from the planet with their new TransferJet.

It’s a contactless data transfer system which carries data at speeds of up to 560Mb/s. If you want to transfer data from one gadget to another using TransferJet all you have to do is touch them together or hold them less than 30mm apart.

TransferJet operates on the 4.48GHz frequency, and includes features which prevent external data leakage when, for example you unintentionally come in contact with another capable device. There is no wireless interference, and speed is not affected by multiple users.

The company already has manufactured TransferJet chips small enough to fit in a dongle. The trick now is to find other companies who are also interested. Their hope is to have products using the technology on the market by 2009.