Edifier’s award winning Rainbow Wireless Speaker System

Edifier’s award winning Rainbow Wireless Speaker System


It’s the sad truth of home stereos – if you want your house to sound good, you are going to have to shell out some serious money on some speakers. The upside for those that buy Edifier’s new Rainbow Wireless Speaker System is that they will also get a speakers that look very freaking cool.

They have a kind of nouveau-cigarette chic look going on. The speakers save the hassle of wires, but they use an ultra-low loss, no compression infrared technology so that you don’t have to sacrifice for the unwired freedom.

These new speakers have caught the attention of the right eyes, as well – it was honored with an Audio Components CES Innovations 2008 Award. There’s no word for now on the cost or availability of these things, but you can rest assured that is you need to know the price you probably can’t afford them.

Update 09/01/2007: The Rainbow will sell for $199 and availability will begin the end of February. The website is www.edifier.ca

This cost does not include the speakers but only the wireless receiver and transmitter.