Skype gets aggressive in mobile market

Skype gets aggressive in mobile market


Skype is in the news again. They have used CES as the site to announce an aggressive attempt to strengthen their mobile presence. In partnership with a wide range of industry partners, Skype has unveiled several new wireless devices and accessories, and is demonstrating others. Some of the highlights:

* With mobile operator 3, the 3 Skypephone, a mass market 3G wireless handset available in Europe and Australia.

* The Freetalk Wireless Stereo Headset with a range of 20 meters, which is superior to Bluetooth.

* Skype for PSP – will now be available pre-loaded by Sony on both the mylo and the PSP.

* The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is being shown as an ideal Skype device.

These and other developments show how serious Skype is about expanding their reach with users. They have more than 246 million registered users, and WiFi is becoming more and more common and inexpensive, so this focus is logical for the company.