Philips unveils two new additions to Streamium line

Philips unveils two new additions to Streamium line


Philips wants to be the name you think of when you think of wireless media streaming. If they keep coming up with things like the new Streamium 7500 series which they have unveiled at CES then they will almost certainly succeed.

The hub is called the WACS7500. It has an 80GB hard drive for all your ripping pleasure, built-in WiFi and Ethernet for connections, and internet radio support. Added to that, or connected directly to your PC, can be up to five WAS7500 extenders.

Both have their own remotes, and have a new upright design that means that the devices don’t just work well, they look great as well. The two devices are expected to hit the market in April. The hub will cost $999, and the hub a more reasonable $299. There’s also an optional iPod dock so you can connect you iPod locally if, for some reason, you aren’t feeling like streaming.