Jook turns your PMP into a personal radio station

Jook turns your PMP into a personal radio station


People love music, and they love social networking. Jook hopes that they will want to combine the two. Jook is a portable standard that will turn any portable music player into a radio station that can transmit to the people around it.

Say, for example, that three people are running together. Using Jook, they could all listen to the same songs at the same time so that their rhythm and timing matched. Friends could share music on a bus or plane even if they weren’t sitting near each other.

It could also provide for interesting experiences in crowded places – you can overhear what those round you are hearing. The standard has three modes – you can listen to your music privately, you can broadcast for anyone around to connect if they choose, or you can connect to an available broadcast. People will know that their broadcast is being listened to so they can choose if they want to interrupt.

The standard, made by a subsidiary of Razer, will be made available to manufacturers for the development of players and accessories.