HydroPak portable power generator is water activated

HydroPak portable power generator is water activated


Millenium Cell Inc. and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies have partnered to unveil a pre-production version of their new HydroPak portable power generator at CES. The clean and quiet power generator is notable because of the unique water-activated cartridge system.

Designed for recreational and emergency use, the power source has an infinite shelf life, and it provides enough energy to recharge the average notebook 8 to 10 times. It is quiet and gives off no emissions so it can safely be used indoors. It has an AC outlet and two USB connectors so you can use it to power pretty much whatever you need to get juice to.

The production is being slowed by the approval processes it is subjected to for safety, but it is expected to be in production by the second half of this year. It will cost about $400, and replacement cartridges will cost about $20. That seems like a feasible price for regular use in a lot of circumstances.