3D GPS Mapping coming to North America with Nav N Go

3D GPS Mapping coming to North America with Nav N Go


Europeans with navigation devices can already get 3D navigation maps with Nav N Go iGO8, but up until now it hasn’t been available in North America. That is due to change thanks to an announcement at CES.

Nav N Go will now make the software available to hardware manufacturers to be embedded in new navigation devices. With the software users can enjoy high-definition 3D maps of terrain, road elevation, landmarks and buildings. It can show almost 13 miles in a single view. The software comes packaged with a graphical engine, so it doesn’t have any specific hardware requirements for installation.

Besides 3D capabilities, the software comes with a built-in music and video player, pre-installed games, and travel guides. More than 70 countries are covered by the software. With all those features, and given it is already proven in Europe, it shouldn’t be long until we start to see it over here.