LG KF600 Uses InteractPad Like Touchy-Feely Venus

LG KF600 Uses InteractPad Like Touchy-Feely Venus


You know how the LG Venus from Verizon has that split touchscreen thing on the front? It seems like it won’t be the only phone to make use of that technology, and what’s more, that half-touchscreen finally has a name. The dual touch pad has been christened as InteractPad.

As you may already know, InteractPad replaces conventional navigational keys with a touch-sensitive display that sits below the primary display. The InteractPad changes depending on the circumstances, showing media controls when you’re listening to music or gaming controls when you’re enjoying some mobile games. It’s also great for reviewing photos.

Anyways, the latest LG phone to make use of InteractPad is the LG KF600. Much like the Venus, the KF600 is also a slider phone with a full numeric keypad hidden beneath the large main screen. Key features include a 3MP camera, EDGE/GPRS, USB 2.0, and Bluetooth.