Full DS Games Will Not Be Delivered From Wii

Full DS Games Will Not Be Delivered From Wii


There was a story in the New York Times a short while back that seemed to say the Nintendo DS would be able to download full games from the Wii, possibly getting served the same way as the Wii Virtual Console. We got all stoked over the ability to download full DS games without wires, but it seems that the DS-Wii connection isn’t as potent as we had hoped.

Nintendo has now gone on the record to say that while DS games will be available for download via WiFi from the Nintendo Wii, these games will not be full versions. Instead, the Wii will serve as a DS Download Station, much like the ones you find inside GameStop and EB Games locations. What this means is that you can download the demo game, but as soon as you shut down the DS, the game disappears.

Shucks. Digital delivery is the wave of the future, Nintendo! All the DS needs is a memory expansion and this is perfectly possible!