Atari Created the World’s First iPod, Game Boy

Atari Created the World’s First iPod, Game Boy


Back in the olden days, Atari dominated the video game market with all sorts of classic titles like Space Invaders. The concepts were simple enough for anyone to enjoy, yet challenging enough for even the most advanced of enthusiasts. If you want to own a piece of gadget history, you should check out this eBay auction for an incredible rare (and never released?) Atari Super Breakout Handheld prototype.

Based on appearances, there’s no denying that there are some early iPod elements going on. It’s got a simple white casing, what appears to be a small monochrome display, and a control wheel underneath. It’s not quite the same as a click wheel, but it’s got the wheel part going on. What’s more, this prototype was created before the first Nintendo Game Boy. Atari didn’t think that the handheld gaming market was worth pursuing… if only they knew.

The eBay auction ended a few hours ago with a winning bid of $821.00. There were 16 bids in all.