Truly Handsfree Bluetooth Headset Takes Voice Commands

Truly Handsfree Bluetooth Headset Takes Voice Commands


Most Bluetooth headsets are perfectly capable of the voice dial thing, assuming that the connected mobile phone can do it, but the BlueAnt V1 takes voice control to a new high. The incredibly compact Bluetooth headset is being marketed as the first ever with a true voice-based user interface.

Instead of clicking a physical button to answer your calls, you simply speak into the microphone and say “accept call”. Other basic voice commands could include “volume up”, “reject call”, or “do the laundry”. Okay, maybe it won’t do that last thing, but you can see how a completely handsfree experience like that offered by the BlueAnt V1 can be excellent for drivers and other people who need their hands. That is why you’re using a Bluetooth headset in the first place.

The downside is that the voice control can be “wonky” and it can be quite frustrating when you accidentally give it a command that you don’t want it to do. What happens if you’re in a call with someone and you happens to say “end call”?