One Full Terabyte Shoehorned Into Asus M70 Notebook

One Full Terabyte Shoehorned Into Asus M70 Notebook


There are many sacrifices that are typically made when someone migrates from desktop land to the world of laptops. They probably have to put up with less powerful graphics, a smaller display, and less memory. The Asus M70 might be almost as good as a desktop computer, because it’s the world’s first notebook with one terabyte of storage.

Housed inside the Asus M70 are a pair of hard drives, providing a total of 1TB of space. This is supposed to be enough room for 1000 hours of video, more than 350 feature-length movies, or 250,000 songs. The drives found within are the Hitachi Travelstar 5K500, each with 500GB of storage. The extra capacity is also available on the Asus M50.

Outside of the monstrous hard drives, the Asus multimedia notebooks come with high-definition audio and video, a “sleek LCD cover made by exclusive ASUS Infusion technology”, full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad, and Hitachi’s Rotational Vibration Safeguard (RVS) technology as an anti-shake and anti-shock measure. No word on pricing.