Foldable CityCar Concept Makes For Ultra Compact Parking

Foldable CityCar Concept Makes For Ultra Compact Parking


As more cars hit the road, we have to get a little more creative about finding parking spots for all these cars. If you look at street parking, a fair bit of space is “wasted” in between each of the vehicles, but the CityCar concept designed by MIT engineers squeezes together for the most efficient parking solution possible.

The full electric CityCar is inherently eco-friendly, but because it can shrink its footprint by about half, it can also make parking a lot easier too. Unfortunately, an application like this simply would not work in the city, because one of the car stuck in the middle of the row would not possibly be able to get out. I could totally see this being used on university campuses and tech parks, however, where the vehicles could be a communal commodity.

Other features beyond its stackability include the ability to rotate a full 360 degrees while moving and a lack of seatbelts in favor of responsive seats (“fingers”) that “hold a person back during an accident. Check out the video at TechEBlog.