Video: Gaming Is Totally Possible On Asus Eee PC

Video: Gaming Is Totally Possible On Asus Eee PC


And the Asus Eee PC just got ten times cooler (as if it wasn’t cool already). It turns out that the seven-inch wonder has no trouble handling a variety of PC games, including Half-Life 2 and even World of Warcraft. This instantly gives the mini-laptop a leg up on the Apple MacBook, which traditionally hasn’t been much of a gamer (though that is changing).

There are limitations to the Eee PC and its gaming abilities, of course. For starters, it can only run Half-Life 2 at a paltry 10fps, but in the video below, you can see that it’s handling Grand Theft Auto Vice City just as well as any other laptop. It seems to be pretty smooth with PC games, but the mobile entertainment even extends to PlayStation emulators. Think about the possibilities!

Check out this forum thread for the growing list of compatible PC games for the Asus Eee PC.