Sony PSP About To Get Its Skype On

Sony PSP About To Get Its Skype On


Sony seems to have a habit of shoving as much functionality into their gaming machines as possible. When the PS2 first hit the market, a good number of people bought it simply for its DVD playback capabilities. The same can be said about the PS3 this time around, except it’s for the Blu-ray player.

Well, the Sony PSP is just as much a gaming machine as it is a portable entertainment machine. The functionality is about to get extended to VoIP too, because it seems like Skype is on the way. CES kicks off next week in Las Vegas, and Sony’s materials make mention of Skype functionality for the PlayStation Portable. They also mention Internet radio, Remote Play, and a few other features.

The best part is that all you’ll need to get in on some PSP-fueled Skype is a firmware update. The waiting game begins…