Patent: iPhone 1.1.3 Features Wobbling Menu Icons


    And so the news surrounding iPhone firmware version 1.1.3 continue. Apple is known to introduce all sorts of nifty things when they send out a firmware update, but this has got to be one the strangest patents we’ve seen to date.

    As you may have heard, recently came across a leaked version of the new iPhone firmware update, posting all sorts of pictures and videos. After digging around into the past, an ancient Apple patent has surfaced that somewhat confirms what was seen in the leaked firmware. The most notable feature is the idea of a “motion wiggle” to the icons when you are in rearrangement mode. It’s almost like what happens to your Mii characters when you’re moving them around on your Wii.

    If you’re interested in doing some reading, a more detailed description of the Apple patent can be found through the Via link below. First there was multi-touch and now there’s wobble. What’s next?