T-Mobile + 3 = Europe’s Largest HSDPA Network

T-Mobile + 3 = Europe’s Largest HSDPA Network


This could be one of the biggest mergers in the cell phone industry we’ve seen in quite some time. An announcement has just been made wherein T-Mobile and 3 UK are planning to merge their networks, effectively forming Europe’s largest HSDPA network. This means that consumers will have coverage up the wazoo and the companies will save plenty of dough in the process.

Full details have not been released just yet, but by combining the 3G networks of the two British mobile giants, both firms stand to save about one billion Pounds Sterling (about $2 billion USD). Those are some rather substantial savings, but it’s hard to say whether they plan on passing these savings onto their subscribers.

As far as I can tell, the two companies will continue to operate independently with neither owning the other; they’ll just be sharing their 3G networks. Let’s just hope this doesn’t go the way of a drunken NYE one-night stand.