Soap Operas Go Mobile in India: Three-Minute Eps on the Way

Soap Operas Go Mobile in India: Three-Minute Eps on the Way


It’s obvious enough that we use our mobile phones for more than just making voice calls, and now the people of India are about to take their portable entertainment to a new-ish level. Rajshri Productions plans on launching a 90-episode soap opera on mobile phones with the first episode getting released near the end of January 2008.

The concept of watching television on a cell phone isn’t exactly new — the Koreans and Japanese have been taking advantage of that functionality for some time — but the difference is that this is not being done over 1Seg. As far as I can tell, the episodes will be streamed and/or downloaded over the cellular network, feeding a need to satisfy short attention spans. Each episode is only three minutes long.

There are more than 220 million people in India who own cell phones and there’s a good chance that a large majority also enjoy watching soap operas. It sounds like a match-made in heaven — perhaps with a song, a dance, and someone hiding behind a tree — so we’ll see how successful Rajshri’s endeavor becomes.