Next-Generation Asus Eee PC Set For Unveiling at CES

Next-Generation Asus Eee PC Set For Unveiling at CES


The Consumer Electronics Show is about a week away and one of the biggest unveilings we could see at the 2008 event is the new Asus Eee PC. Although the current Asus Eee PC has only been on the market for a couple short months, Asus is ready to launch its successor, complete with a larger display and integrated WiMAX connectivity.

An event is planned on January 7th called WiMAX Today, WiMAX Tomorrow. It’s a joint venture between Asus, Intel, and Sprint and they plan on chatting about the state of WiMAX technology and previewing “next generation mobile solutions (including the next generation EeePC).” If you’re not quite satisfied with WiFi, WiMAX might suit you better.

We also hear that there will be a larger display on this new offering to the tune of 8.9-inches across the diagonal. This is still substantially smaller than most compact notebooks, but the extra couple of inches could reduce the amount of squinting. I’m going to Vegas for CES, so I’ll try to hop on over to Asus to see what’s up.