Bring Your iPhone Monthly Bill To Under $15

Bring Your iPhone Monthly Bill To Under $15


The Apple iPhone is making all sorts of top ten lists around this time of year and for good reason. It is a device that is reasonably innovative and it was marketed in the best way possible. Unfortunately, not all of us are willing to fork out over 40 bucks a month to keep this Apple addiction alive.

Some guy named Brian has figured out a way to reduce his monthly iPhone bill down to mere $14.95. That represents a $25 savings over the standard iPhone plan, but there are sacrifices that must be made. For starters, you need to have someone else on the AT&T network that you can partner up with. You then add your iPhone to their contract as an “add-on” phone. That’s where the $14.95 comes into play.

The downside is all the cool doo-dahs that you’re going to lose as a result. First off, there are no text messages included in this plan and there is no mobile web surfing either. You pay per message, you pay per kilobyte. In this way, Brian’s strategy is only fitting for people who want to use their iPhone like a regular phone, and not as a wonderful Internet-connected device. The WiFi is still there, but don’t even think about using EDGE unless you want a big surprise at the end of the month.