Amazon Kindle Easter Eggs: Google Maps and Minesweeper

Amazon Kindle Easter Eggs: Google Maps and Minesweeper


The Amazon Kindle is supposed to be a device that brings e-book reading to the masses. I love how it includes a speedy cellular connection, allowing owners to purchase new e-books just about anywhere they find a cell phone signal. But did you know that the Kindle comes equipped with more functionality than just reading some text you purchased?

A handful of Easter eggs have been discovered on the Amazon Kindle, opening up worlds of functionality for its owners. The most notable feature is free GPS navigation. Naturally, this isn’t quite as accurate or speedy as a Garmin or TomTom device, but it’s not that bad either. The GPS found within in CDMA location-based and you can see your current location in Google Maps. Access this by pressing Alt-1 within the browser.

While inside the GPS tool, you can find nearby gas stations (Alt-2), find restaurants (Alt-3), find custom keywords (Alt-5), and toggle zone drawing and show log (Alt-Z). Other hidden gems include Minesweeper (Alt-M), screenshot capture (Alt-Shift-G), and showing the time from the home screen (Alt-T).