Video-ified: A Closer Look at Samsung F720 DuoS and F490

Video-ified: A Closer Look at Samsung F720 DuoS and F490


Don’t you hate it when the public relations people sneak you a peek at their latest products, only to leave you sorely dissatisfied with the amount of information they provide? That’s exactly what happened recently with a couple of Samsung cell phones, but our video-watching needs can now finally be satiated.

You may remember the Samsung P720 DuoS and the Samsung F490 touchscreen phones from when they were originally introduced, but you can now get a better look at the devices through a video provided by Mobile-Notes. The P720 DuoS is a classy looking phone with a leather wallet cover. It’s the natural progression of Samsung’s calculator phones, having gained dual SIM slots (hence the DuoS) and a touchscreen display.

The Samsung F490, by contrast, looks more like an even glossier, even more touch-sensitive version of the Apple iPhone. Live photos of the near button-less wonder really get you to appreciate just how shiny that silver casing is. But enough yak. Let’s get on with the video. Oh, and there’s bonus coverage of the F700 in there too.