Preview: Mazda Furai Concept Looks Like Caped Supercar

Preview: Mazda Furai Concept Looks Like Caped Supercar


Mazda has been going after some rather aggressive car designs lately and none are more aggressive than the Mazda Furai concept, a flowing supercar that is set to be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show.

As you can see from the provided images, the Furai clearly won’t be approaching the same market as the Mazda3 or the CX-7. Instead, you could say that it’s hitting up an even more aggressive segment than the now-deceased (but possibly in the course of getting resurrected) Mazda RX-7. Furai — which means “sound of wind” — comes powered by a three-rotor 20B rotary engine, developing 450 horsepower using E100 ethanol as fuel.

The Mazda Furai was codesigned by Mazda and Swift Engineering, and it looks like it could be a road-ready Batmobile. Those flowing lines and evil headlights are pretty far out there. Look for more details (and more photos) in Detroit.